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Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan Website: Benutzer: Usbekistan. Haben Sie mehr Infos über Usbekischer So'm? E-Mail senden ▷. Currently, the largest denomination of Uzbek currency, the 1, som bill, is worth approximately 60 cents U.S, requiring Uzbeks to carry enormous numbers of. ATM's in Uzbekistan dispense Uzbek som at the official exchange rate, a bum deal. Due to lack of money they sometimes don't work properly.

Uzbekistan som - der Inbegriff

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#Currency special 30: Uzbekistan Sum/ Usbekischer Sum UZS - Uzbekistani Som. There karamba online casino not so many higher-denomination bills circulating yet, though, so you will still receive a mountain of paper when exchanging your dollars. The three Madrasahs of the Registan in Samarkand. When entering Uzbekistan, you have to declare all money you have on you. The Som was initially a word which was used in Uzbekistan to describe the Ruble, so the Som is simply another word for it. Currency Facts UZS Stats. uzbekistan som