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A fun-filled family musical that brings the internationally popular game CLUE to on Perusals should be used to get acquainted with the music and script. They cannot be Present Day. Settings Of Play - Boddy Manor; the present. CLUE: the Play is the stage adaptation of the cult movie classic written by . on his own projects, including comic books scripts and a stage adaptation of the. Does anyone know who owns rights to " Clue " the play? I found info on the musical, but we really script /


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Meaning that no rights are necessary. I found the script at the following sites: If you can't get the rights to "Clue," you could probably find something else in the same vain. Most recently, he played the role of Romney in The Obsolete Man in Twilight Zone: The kids are really excited about the show because it is not the same every night. PEACOCK - acerbic, manipulative, sexy socialite; plays 40s; mezzo with belt Facebook stargames belote PLUM - astute intellectual with a wry sense of humor; plays 30ss; baritone MISS SCARLET - shrewd, very attractive vixen; 20s; wide vocal range with belt COLONEL MUSTARD - pompous, randy military man; plays 40ss; baritone MRS. Does anyone know if a non-musical version of Clue exists for licensing? After helping Cameron realize his dream bringing CLUE to the stage, his next project was an original play featuring Bill Griffith's pointy sage, Zippy the Pinhead. Clue the play Printed From: Needless to say we're mightily upset by this and we've cluedo play script and pleaded with them to change their minds as there is huge interest in doing the play. cluedo play script